Chief Executive Officer

CEO: Paul Goldenheim, MD

Paul Goldenheim, MD

Dr. Goldenheim is trained as a pulmonary physician and is currently working as a director and consultant in the field of biotechnology, serving on the boards of directors of several companies including Neurophage, Hydra Biosciences, Acesion and RSPR. He has a long history in pharmaceutical research, development, and management, most recently as President of TransForm Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Johnson & Johnson) and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hypnion (acquired by Eli Lilly). Paul also serves on the board of directors of The Big Apple Circus. Dr. Goldenheim has authored numerous scientific publications and been an inventor on a number of pharmaceutical patents. He received his A.B. from Harvard College magna cum laude with highest honors in biochemical sciences and his M.D. from Harvard Medical School.



Chief Financial Officer

Torgeir Vaage, PhD, MBA

Extensive experience from the financial sector in Norway. For the last ten years been involved in a number of early stage biotechnology companies in the Nordic region in the capacity as CEO and CFO.




Project Director

Project Manager: Magnus Strandh, PhD

Magnus Strandh, PhD

Dr. Strandh is a project director and senior scientist with more than 15 years of biopharmaceutical drug discovery and development experience. Prior to joining Adenium in 2015, Dr. Strandh held a position at Symphogen as a senior scientist and project manager for many therapeutic antibody discovery projects within oncology and infectious diseases, including collaborations with e.g. Genentech. Previously, Dr. Strandh was scientist at Trellis Bioscience, which he joined when the company started. He was instrumental in the development of their proprietary antibody screening platform and their discovery projects within infectious diseases, osteoporosis and oncology. Magnus Strandh received his PhD in Immunotechnology from Lund University, Sweden, in 2010.



Director Preclinical Development

Kaela Porter, B.Sc.

>25 years industry experience (preclinical CRO, Biogen, Emisphere, Penwest). A pharmacokineticist by training, she has extensive experience in preclinical & clinical drug development, drug development strategy and regulatory affairs.




Head of CMC

Kim Hejnæs, M.Sc.

Kim Hejnæs is professor in biotechnology at University of Aalborg, Denmark and co-founder of  SMC Biotech, help4biotech, invest4biotech and Hejnæs Consult AB.  He has for the last 15 years been specializing in project management of drug development programs and served as a project director at CMC Biologics for several years. Professor Hejnæs has a strong background in protein chemistry, and he served for many years as a principal scientist in research and development at Novo Nordisk, Denmark. Kim Hejnæs holds a M. Sc. in Biochemistry from University of Copenhagen.



Head of Regulatory affairs

Dorrit Andersen, M.Sc.

Dorrit Andersen has more than 30 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry working with global development of pharmaceuticals (quality, clinical and regulatory). Dorrit has previously worked as global regulatory affairs director at Novo Nordisk and before establishing her consultancy business as regulatory affairs manager at Symphogen and Genmab. Prior to Novo Nordisk she was head of regulatory affairs and clinical project manager at Ciba-Geigy DK. Her latest accomplishment as a consultant is the submission and approval of a recombinant protein therapeutic in the USA and EU. Dorrit Andersen holds a degree in pharmacy from the University of Copenhagen.